2020 AGM


Due to the ongoing Corona virus pandemic we have postponed the AGM that was scheduled for 4 April 2020. At present there are no clear indications when we can gather again in large groups, hence this decision to postpone the 2020 AGM.

The Constitution of the Friends requires us to hold an AGM to ratify the formal business of the Friends. The Chairman’s report, annual accounts and a voting form will be sent by post to all Members of the Friends at the end of January 2021 and Members asked to submit questions by the beginning of March 2021. Questions can be submitted by post or online; details will be provided in the mailing.

The Chairman’s report and the annual accounts will also be made available on the website prior to the AGM. Any questions, and the answer, will be recorded in the minutes which will be circulated in the first issue of Steam in Trust after the AGM, and also posted on the website.

The meeting will be held on 27 March 2021; in these exceptional circumstances just the Committee will in attendance (via Zoom) and will keep to the formalities of confirming the accounts, ratifying a new Committee member, appointing the Committee posts and addressing any questions or concerns submitted by Members.

Please use the contact form to raise any questions or concerns about this revised AGM.

The Annual General Meeting is your opportunity to have your say in the running of the Friends and we have not taken the decision lightly to move to this constrained process; we do love the opportunity of meeting up with many of our Friends at the AGMs and it is particularly disappointing as 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of a Friends organisation, under different guises, at Tyseley. Once we are able to gather again in large groups we will be arranging a social event where we hope to be able to meet again in person.