Welcome to the Friends of Vintage Trains

Welcome to the web site for The Friends of Vintage Trains, the volunteer support organisation for Vintage Trains. All members share a common interest to preserve steam and railway heritage for the current and future generations.

The Friends’ Committee continue to be active during the current Covid 19 restrictions. Highlights of current activities, with a link in each case to more details, include:

  • The 2020 AGM and the next social event for members of the Friends have been postponed due to the current Covid 19 restrictions.
  • The Friends are preparing a 2021 calendar and a set of postcards for sale towards the funds that are used to support specific Vintage Trains’ projects.
  • A donation of £10,000 from Friends’ funds has been agreed towards the restoration of one of the Pullman carriages.
  • The Friends are supporting a recent appeal for volunteers with many different skills and interests to support Vintage Trains and Tyseley Locomotive Works to come back stronger and faster from the current shutdown.

Please revisit this page for updates on these, and other, events for the Friends.

Members of The Friends of Vintage Trains offer support in many ways, including a range of volunteering opportunities on the Tyseley Locomotive Works site, on the trains and becoming involved in the running of the Friends. Members who are unable to become involved in the volunteering opportunities can rest assured that all of the funds raised by The Friends of Vintage Trains are donated to restoration projects and to support the activities of the Friends.

The Friends of Vintage Trains is affiliated to the Birmingham Heritage Forum; Forum membership is drawn from organisations concerned with collections, historic sites, museums, galleries, churches, gardens and visitor services within the Birmingham area.

Please follow the links on the right of this page or below for more information about the Society and ways to get involved.